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The Divided Mind of the Black Church


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Theology, Piety & Public Witness

By Raphael G. Warnock (trade hardcover)

“A courageous and timely effort to reinvigorate the rich tradition of the Black Church by a full-fledged engagement with the best of its history and theology. Like the Sankofa bird, Warnock looks to the past in order to move forward!” – Cornel West, Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice, Union Theological Seminary

“Eloquently lays waste to the false theological dilemma between advocates of individual salvation and social justice. Real religion is both personal and political; Warnock skillfully shows how that works by probing creative tensions in the black church between heavenly hunger and earthly engagement. He brilliantly enhances the distinguished intellectual achievement of the historic Ebenezer pulpit by showing how black and womanist theologies partner with the black church to bring God’s mighty word to bear on our souls and society all at once.” – Michael Eric Dyson, University Professor of Sociology, Georgetown University

“The broadness and depth of Warnock’s theological education and his distinguished pulpit give him the authority to ask the question: piety or protest? warnock leads us through the history of the tensions and conversations among the black church, black theology and black pastors to boldly change this questionninto an exclamatory indicative: piety and protest. He admonishes all parties to move beyond the silos of their particular perspective to convene for the broader exchange of ideas, enabling us to fulfill our mission of helping to save the black community and the soul of our nation.” –  James A. Forbes, Jr., Senior Emeritus, Riverside Church



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