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A Father’s Triumphant Story


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By Demarre McGill (trade paperback)

Raising Successful African American Men In Contemporary Urban Times

Raising their children into mature, successful, well-adjusted adults is the goal of all good parents. We don’t all succeed. Stacked against us are low societal expectations, destructive peer pressure, financial constraints, and, yes, the childrearing foibles we inherit from own parents.

Demarre McGill and his wife overcame all these obstacles. Even during the teen years, observers commended the McGill boys for their maturity, confidence, and achievements. Sons Demarre and Anthony grew into responsible and successful young men, two of the few African Americans to forget world-class careers in classicant music.

Raising African American sons on the South side of Chicago isn’t easy, but McGill’s twenty-five principles have only one goal: to carefully guide children on their journey to adulthood.

A Father’s Triumphant Story lays out these principles, drawing real-life examples from McGill’s own parenting experience. In a subject area dominated by famale authors, McGill brings a male perspective to the subject of childrearing other fathers will appreciate. His thoughtful analysis of parenting should be required reading for anyone considering starting a family, as well as parents who sense they need to do more for their child.


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