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Preach! The Power and Purpose Behind Our Praise


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By Otis Moss III and Otis Moss, Jr.  (trade paperback)

“A message from otis Moss III always teaches about love, justice, and commitment to the community. It enhances my faith as a child of God. It is good to have a pastor who is real and relevant.”- Common, Hip Hop Artist/Actor

“The Mosses are two of the brightest and most provocative preachers in our nation today. Coming from two completely different generations, they bring together the best of what the Moses and Joshua generations have to offer in this age. The sermons in this book represent the story of an American journey and are a most read for all those who seek inspiration in these trying days.” – Vernon Jordan, Attorney and Former Advisor to President William Clinton

Preach! is a must read book. The sermon transcend race, gender, and generation. The love between father and son shines through their words and preaches hope to a war weary world.” –Joan Brown Campbell, Director of the Department of Religion at the Chautauqua Institution


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