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The President’s Devotional


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“Obama has often mentional the inspiration he finds in DuBois’ daily scripture e-mails, making the faith-based office director an informal spiritual adviser to the.” – The Washington Post

“A daily spiritual oasis to help driven leader catch their breath and reset their compass.” – Sharon E. Watkins, general minister and president of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

This book is a special treat for the mind, a treasure for the spirit, and a daily tonic for the soul.” – John Dilulio, Frederic Fox Leadership Professor of Politics, Religion, and Civil Society at the University of Pennsylvania

“In the busyness of business we know we have to make “space for grace” in our lives. This beautiful book of devetionals encouages us to take time for prayer and reflection. we faithfully read it every day. This devotional strengthens and inspires us, and most important, it reminds us to trust God in every area of our lives.” – Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, executive producers of The Bible

“If an issue reaches the president’s desk, it’s because there aren’t any good options left. So where does the president of the United States look for wisdom when the wise men and women around him have said all they know to say? My friend Joshua DuBois answered that question by providing President Obama a daily does of Old and Nes Testament wisdom. And now, with the publication of The President’t Devotional, the rest of us have access to the devotions and meditations Joshua supplied to the president. What a treasure! Thank you, Joshua .” –  Andy Stanly, founder and pastor of North Point Ministries


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