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Ministry Services


Mission Statement

The mission of the Ministry Services Department is to serve the congregation, staff and Pastor in a responsive manner. To create partnerships between ministries and staff that fulfills the overall mission of the Pastor, Executive Minister and Church.


Ministry Services assists ministries in planning and executing activities and events. The office of Ministry Services maintains the schedules for all Trinity events held in the 400 Building, Trinity Village Center as well as those held off-site.

Ministry Financial Reporting

All treasurers and/or financial secretaries of ministries are required to submit final financial reports to the members of their ministry and to the Church. You can download file “2019 Monthly Financial Report and 2020 Budget Request.xls”. We encourage you to use the Excel spreadsheet files this year documenting your financial records. This file can be downloaded. The file is called “2019 Monthly Financial Report and 2020 Budget Request.xls” and can be used by ALL ministries. If you have questions regarding your ministries financial reports please contact Ministry Services, 773-962-5650.

Here are the forms (right click and choose “save file as”)


For all Program Activity Request or Meeting Room Request, please click here to contact Ministry Services. Any activity associated with the church must have prior approval of the Executive Council. Meeting Room Request should be submitted 72 hours prior to scheduling call meetings.